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Most frequently asked questions about ADAPT

Adapt platform is highlighting the supply chain issues and providing you with clear insights to quickly resolve them before they impact company performance.

“It is a very fruitful engagement with the Adapt team. Adapt helps us to increase online sales significantly by 30% through making sure products can be found and presented online in the best manner and price. Thank you guys.” Travis, Unilever Digital Leader.

Adapt platform is highlighting the pricing and promotion opportunities, providing you with clear insights to increase company’s sales, starting from the first month.

"We chose Adapt because it covers every retail website, it’s so easy to start and above all - it performs from day 1!." Julie, Danone managing director

Adapt solution is based on breakthrough patented AI technology that finds and matches any type of product automatically with no human intervention at exceptional ~99.4% accuracy, the only solution that supports 100% retailer and marketplace websites worldwide and provides you with a complete view into all your supply chain channels.

Every (!) retailer website worldwide is covered due to Adapt’s innovative AI technology. Clients choose the websites they would like to explore in the dashboard.

Click to see a customized demo on your products and learn how Adapt’s clients use it to increase their business - link.

Data and reports updating time ranges between every hour to once a day. Per client’s requirements.

Due to Adapt’s cutting edge AI technology it operates in 35+ countries and all retail sectors are covered, from FMCG to Electronics, Beauty and Fashion.

UPC/item and retailer level, when applicable sector-wise, e.g. for FMCG sector, data is also available at the store level.

Of course! You can even customize and choose what is the perfect view for your business. Adapt supports a wide range of filters, for example - category, sub-category, brand, date range, product type, top product.

Yes, historical data for pricing, availability, etc is fully supported. Up to 10 years back.

Enabling you to make more accurate data-driven decisions based on pricing, availability, etc. trends over time and current year performance versus previous years.

Multiple data delivery methods are available to fit to your organization’s needs, for example - SaaS platform, data feeds, FTP feeds, export In excel/csv/json, etc.

We would be happy to set-up a quick customized demo on your products, showcase you the insights and how Adapt is used to increase sales significantly and discuss pricing breakdown for your markets and sector/s and relevant retailers - link.

Absolutely! Customer success team members are assigned to every client at no extra cost and regularly provide consultancy and support services to help identify valuable opportunities to increase online sales and provide guidance on recommended work processes.

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We made a significant lift in revenue from the first month.
My people are very excited with Adapt, thank you guys.

Travis, Chief Digital Officer

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