July 2022 - Where is the cheapest grocery basket?

Whether you’re shopping for eggs, milk or toilet paper, you’ve no doubt noticed how drastically prices can vary from one website to other website.

A new research from Adapt reveals the basket cost of most commonly purchased grocery products in the USA in July 2022.

As of July 2022, the average basket cost is $255, Walmart is the cheapest place to shop with a basket cost of $228 only, and the difference between the cheapest website (Walmart) and the most expensive (Albertsons) is $53 (!).


The total cost of the basket is defined as the cost required to purchase a basket that includes one unit of each product in the basket. It represents the total cost of the most commonly purchased products for households. The categories that were analyzed are food, cleaning and toiletries.

*If you are interested in the detailed information, or any additional inquiries about this research, kindly email us to research@adapt.online

Download now the full report

Download now the full report of groceries in the USA.

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